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Frequently Asked Questions

During a sale in an establishment (physical sale), 75% of the painting’s value will be given to the artist, 10% to the exhibitor and 15% to the Gallea team. Take note that this is only available to artist member of Gallea Premium.
During an online sale, 70% of the painting’s value will be given to the artist and 30% to the Gallea team. If the artist is Gallea Premium member, he/she will receive 75% the value of the painting.
There is currently no insurance for the works. Artists wishing to insure their works can do so by clicking here.
The artist needs to move with his work to display it in an establishment. At the time of a sale, the buyer must ensure the displacement of his new acquisition by his own means, or can use the delivery service provided by Gallea.
Gallea allows you to increase the opportunities to show your work, selling to both a physical and web audience. The main objective is that your art reaches a varied and ever growing audience and by doing so, to expand your customer base. You also have the possibility to display your works in the places of your choice.
When a canvas is posted online on Gallea and isn’t exposed in an establishment, you can remove it from your profile at any time. You have the possibility to sell it to a customer of your entourage if you wish. This, however, affects your sales statistics.
No. The signage contract for exposing in an establishment requires a commitment from you per block of 3 month.
The selected works are exhibited for a maximum of 3 months. At the end of this period, the unsold painting will be withdrawn by the artist and another will take its place.
When you apply at an exhibitor, take in consideration the different criterias like the number of painting desired, the style, the colors, the size and the price. The owners of the establishments will receive your requests and select the paintings that respect their criterias that will fit best their walls.
We accept all visual art on the platform (painting, prints, drawing, photography, graphic design, etc.). However, if the picture of the painting is not representative, Gallea will ask you to update it for a better one.
Yes. Although we encourage all of our artists to exhibit physically in order to increase the visibility attributed to their art, an artist has the option of using the Gallea platform only as a transactional one, if he desires so.
Gallea is committed to constantly innovate, to serve its artists and to offer a number of additional services in the long term. Stay tuned!
The standards to be respected are concerning the photos of the works. We ask that the photograph of a work is taken when it’s completely dry and that it’s representative of the painting in question. The work must be framed in the image and the resolution of it must be sufficient.
We are working with our exhibitors to offer you varnishing possibilities in the near future.
Nothing could be simpler! All you need to do is to go on our registration page: Registration and it will be a pleasure to welcome you!
Adding keywords facilitates research for art lovers. On your side, dear artists, you will benefit from greater visibility on the web.

1. In the "artworks" section of your account, click on the pencil to edit the worksheet.
2. In the field "keywords", enter a word or a group of words, then press "enter" before entering the next one. * Please check your spelling.
3. Once you're done, click "Update" to save everything.

The keywords must be linked directly to your work. Imagine yourself in the place of a potential buyer. What words would he/she use to find your creation? Feel free to use synonyms and to include words in both French and English.
Note: A keyword can contain multiple words. Examples: animal portrait or mixed technique

Frequently Asked Questions

Our service plans for businesses only apply in Canada.
Gallea has committed itself to its artists to garantee the quality of the exhibition and we reserve the right to refuse access to the program for any establishment we deem does not meet our selection criteria. Were such an instance to arise, entry fees would be reimbursed.
As part of our service plans, Gallea takes charge of the artwork selection process for your establishment. Note that Gallea gives you the final say on the selection. Rest assured, we will not display any artworks without consulting you.
Our service plans have a commitment length of 12 months (1 year). If you wish to cancel your agreement, penalty fees will apply pro rata to the number of months of exhibition (actual or in progress) plus an additional payment of $100 for uninstallation fees.
Fees will be collected once the full installation in your establishment is completed. Monthly payments start immediatly and will cover a period of 30 days.
Exhibitions have a maximum length of 120 days (4 months). The artists are in charge of hanging and unhooking exhibited artworks. For the replacement, you can proceed to the new artwork curation by yourself or by calling on our services. Note that under the Prestige and Prestigue Plus plan, all curations are included. Therefore, the replacement of works will be the responsibility of Gallea.
There is no maximum for how many artworks are displayed. Gallea places a minimum at 3 displayed artworks to apply for our services. Once beyond 20 artworks are displayed, we invite you to contact us at so that we may offer you a personalized plan.
Your artworks are insured against theft and dammages during shipping and exhibition period.
During the exhibition period, Gallea gives you the right to sell displayed artworks. In such instances, As part of our service paid plans, Gallea is ready to award you with a 10% commission on the sale of each artworks.
Also, you may buy at all time any artwork displayed in your establishment. If you have subscribed to one of our paid plans, you will be entitled to a 10% discount at checkout.

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