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Photo of Gallea's tean

Our mission

Our mission is to create the largest art distribution network in the world to make art accessible everywhere to everyone. In this perspective, we:

  • • Assist our community of artists by providing them with turnkey services for rich and diversified exhibition and sales opportunities, and by supporting them throughout their artistic careers.
  • • Promote engaging artistic discovery through our online platform and our exhibiting venues that provide the opportunity for art enthusiasts to explore a variety of sources of inspiration and discover their artistic preferences.
  • • Provide our network of exhibition venues with a turnkey service to manage the exhibition process that will enhance their brand image through the selection and by showcasing local original artworks.

Gallea is local art, accessible everywhere.

Guillaume & Linzi

How are we different?

A drawing of a room with a painting

An inclusive community

At Gallea, we welcome artists from all backgrounds to join the online platform and exhibit their creations. We want to exhibit artworks representative of an ecosystem that reflects the diversity of our artists and we believe that each individual should consume art according to their interests.

A drawing of a computer

From passive to active

At Gallea, artists have the freedom and flexibility to take full control of their careers by actively submitting their work to our physical and online exhibition opportunities.

A drawing of a phone and artwork

Engaging exhibition

At Gallea, an exhibited artwork is a gateway to a universe of experiences. Our services allow one to interact with the exhibited artworks by learning more about the artist, by voting for your favorite artworks, and by participating in the discussion through our exclusive content.

Gallea's ecosystem

Online registration

Online registration

Online Distribution

Online Distribution



Artistic Creation

Artistic Creation

Local Distribution

Local Distribution

The biggest art network in Canada...
and soon in the world!

Map of Gallea's network

9000 artists

40 countries

50000 artworks

60 venues

The team behind the masterpiece

Our cultural projects

Our partners

They talk about us

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Let's talk

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