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Art lives when it’s seen

Ever since Gallea’s creation, our mission has been to showcase independent artists, through our digital platform and the physical exhibition venues. Selling art has never been easier.

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An artist painting on a canvas in her studio

Create your own portfolio online, fast and easy!

Create your own artist portfolio online for free today. Share your artistic approach with potential buyers and exhibition venues and import photos of your artwork. Simply insert the description of artwork (size, medium, style, type, etc.) and voilà!

Increase your online visibility

Thanks to Gallea, get access to one of the largest art lovers communities in Canada. To maximize your online visibility, Gallea offers you the opportunity to access our online Art Gallery and to apply for our Curators’ Collections and online Exhibitions.

An artlover looking at paintings in an exhibition space
A lot of paintings exhibited on a wall

Access a world of opportunities

In addition to its digital offer, Gallea give you access to calls for applications from its extensive network of physical exhibitors. Subscribe to one of our paid plans and apply to all of our physical opportunities at no extra cost.

Get exclusive discounts at Gallea’s art supply shop

Gallea has created its own online art supplies store. This is the ideal opportunity to express your creativity and undertake your artistic projects with essential materials at affordable prices. Discover our Gallea virgin canvases made in Quebec. Free Shipping on 100$+ orders.

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Various painting art supplies on a desk

Get paid in full transparency

Gallea cares that artists get paid in full transparency. Our commission rates on the sale of your artwork vary between 20% and 30% depending on your subscription and apart from the packaging costs which are your responsibility, there are no additional costs to the sale.

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Artist Profile

Artist page with self-managed portfolio


Visible artworks on profile

Display in the online gallery

Online Selling

Transactional Website

Delivery operations, costs and insurance

70% 75% 80%

Income on sale



Access to opportunities (upon selection)


Acess to Facebook community

Artist resources

Gallea Boutique (Art supply shop)

15% 25%

Discount on all products

Free shipping on 100$+ orders

Portrait of Ingrid, Artists representative at Gallea

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gallea allows you to increase the opportunities to show your work, selling to both a physical and online audience. The main objective is that your art reaches a varied and ever growing audience and by doing so, to expand your customer base. Gallea is adding regularly new online and physical opportunities. Stay tuned via your online account.
There is no subscription fee to create your online artist portfolio on Gallea. Start with our free Basic plan and upload as many artworks as you want to sell and apply for online display opportunities. There is a commission fee of 30% on each sold artwork with this plan to cover our admin costs. You can upgrade to our paid plans at any time in order to increase your revenue on sales, benefit from priority display into our online gallery, apply on physical exhibitions and get exclusive discount on all materials into our art supply shop.
We accept all visual art on the platform (painting, print, drawing, photography, digital art, sculpture, collage, etc.).
During an online sale, 70% of the painting’s value will be given to the artist and 30% to the Gallea team. If the artist is Gallea Premium member, he/she will receive 75% the value of the painting.
Gallea takes care of the whole delivery process. You are notified when your artwork is bought. All you need to do is package your art safely for travel, and stick on the shipping label provided by Gallea. We also provide you with a certificate of authenticity that you can sign and send your with artwork.
We accept all artworks at Gallea. The standards to be respected are concerning the photos of your artworks. We ask that the photograph of a work is taken when it’s completely dry and that it’s representative of the painting in question. The work must be cropped in the image, with sufficient resolution and luminosity. 
When a canvas is posted online on Gallea and isn’t exposed in an establishment, you can remove it from your profile at any time. You have the possibility to sell it to a customer of your entourage if you wish. This, however, affects your sales statistics.
Yes. Although we encourage all of our artists to exhibit physically in order to increase the visibility attributed to their art, an artist has the option of using the Gallea platform only as a transactional one, if he desires so.
During a sale in an establishment (physical sale), 75% of the painting’s value will be given to the artist, 10% to the exhibitor and 15% to the Gallea team. Take note that this is only available to artist member of Gallea Premium.
All artwork pieces are insured by Gallea through our partner Assurart for physical damages, loss or theft in the following situations:
  1. An artwork is exhibited in one of the physical locations with Gallea:
  • from the moment that Gallea or the exhibition space receives the artwork
  • until the artwork is picked up by the artist or representing body of the artist.
2. Delivery of artwork following its sale:
  • from the moment the artwork is in the hands of Gallea or the assigned expedition company
  • until 5 days after the delivery of the artwork to the buyer's delivery address.
When you apply at an exhibition venue, take in consideration the different criterias like the number of painting desired, the style, the colors, the size and the price. The owners of the exhibiting venues will receive your requests and select the paintings that respect their criterias that will fit best their walls.
Gallea is committed to constantly innovate, to serve its artists and to offer a number of additional services in the long term. Stay tuned!
The selected works are exhibited for a maximum of 3 months. At the end of this period, the unsold painting will be withdrawn by the artist and another will take its place.
The artist needs to move with his work to display it in an establishment. At the time of a sale, the buyer must ensure the displacement of his new acquisition by his own means, or can use the delivery service provided by Gallea.
We are working with our exhibiting venues to offer you private exhibition/opening possibilities in the near future.
No. The signage contract for exposing in an establishment requires a commitment from you per block of 3 month.
Absolutely not. Artists keep all rights on their artworks, even once they are sold. Gallea makes sure to always mention the artist's name in its publications and will never reproduce an artwork without the author's agreement.
You can decide not to renew your subscription at the end of the month or year (depending on the payment frequency you have chosen). Since we do not offer refunds on subscriptions, it is not advantageous to cancel your subscription before the end of the billing period.

Need informations?

Contact Ingrid, Artists representative →

Portrait of Ingrid, Artists representative at Gallea