How it works

Is your work piling up at home?
Are you looking for more visibility or to gain a higher revenue?

Gallea can help you exhibit your work.

Join us! It’s simple, fast and free.

Do you like painting, photography or drawing? Whether it’s your professional hobby or passion, whether you are experienced or just starting, you are welcome to Gallea. At this moment, we are mostly looking for artists from Montreal and its surroundings because of delivery options and we are working hard to expand our artistic community.
  • Online profile
  • Transactionnal platform
  • Interactive portfolio

How to become a Gallea artist?

Simply register with your email address and your password, and you will receive an email to which you will send all the information for your profile.
Here are below our 3 differents plans with their respective services:
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  • Autonomous
  • Assisted
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    *2 months free!

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    Online Portfolio

    Online Sells

    Commission on online sales

    30% 25% 0%*

    Commission on sales for exhibition venues

    - 25% 10-15%

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    Access to our exhibition network


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    Marketing promotions

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    Priority display

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    Artistic coaching

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    The plan Basic gives free access to the creation of your own online profile. You will be able to add the number of artworks you want at the price you want and have your own digital portfolio. Because the platform is transactional, art lovers attending the site will then discover your universe through your works and buy online.
    The plan Premium is a monthly subscription offered to artists wishing to invest in their careers and boost their exhibitions. It allows:
    • Have access to our exhibition network (sending exhibition requests to our exhibitors and events)
    • Having your artworks shared on our social networks (Facebook/Instagram)
    • Receive 5% more on your sold artworks
    The plan Pro is for artists who wish to have access to all Gallea services and have no commission deducted from sales. *
    *Only the transactional fees of +-3% will be taken
    All the monthly plans are offered at a reduced rate if one year commitment. In addition, you can switch from one plan to another at any time.

    Interested in exhibiting your artwork?

    Gallea offers to artists with the plans Premium & Pro to display their creations at a multitude of urban exhibitors such as:
    • coffee shops & bistros
    • bars
    • restaurants
    • professional practices firms (massage therapy / law firms / etc.)
    • corporate environments
    • hotels
    Potential customers will then be able to go on-site to admire your work and buy it directly in person.
    To apply, simply log in to your account and then go to the Exhibitors page or by clicking on the link below. In addition, we regularly share our new Gallea network display spaces through our social networks. Follow us to miss nothing!
    If an urban exhibitor likes one of your works, we will contact you and this work can be displayed for a period of three months.

    What’s the profit?

    When you create your profile, you tell us the price you want to display your artworks. Depending on the plan selected, the commission can vary from 0-30%.

    Reliable and secure transactions

    When an artwork is purchased, Gallea receives the payment and an email is sent to you confirming that the artwork is sold. You then have one week to contact Gallea to make delivery to one of our pickup points or to one of the Gallea team members. Upon receipt of the work you will receive a bank transfer directly into your account. In addition, we are currently working to link Artists Stripe accounts on the platform to facilitate payments.

    How does delivery work?

    Gallea on the go
    The customer buys the art piece online at Once the transaction is completed, the exhibitor and the buyer both receive a confirmation email with an unique code. The buyer can leave with the work on the spot by confirming the code with the exhibitor if the artpiece is physically displayed in an establishment, or decide to have it delivered. If the buyer decides on the second option, the work will be reserved for him and the Gallea team will deliver it within a week.
    Online purchase
    Delivery is provided by the Gallea team (soon by Canada Post). We deliver on the island of Montreal and in its surroundings. When a work is sold, you will receive an email. Several picking points are offered. You will then make an appointment with the Gallea team for us to pick up the work in a maximum of 5 days. Prepare and wrap your work and even add a personalized note. The Gallea team will then deliver the work to its new or new owner.