How it works

The walls of your business have not changed in years? Want to encourage local artists? Want to attract a new clientele to your establishment?
Gallea is here to help your business become a showcase for local art while making profit.

Join us! It’s simple, fast and free.

You will receive applications from local artists and you will be invited to select artworks best suited to the style and ambiance of your establishment. Once an affinity is reached, the artist will present him/herself with the selected works.

As soon as a piece is displayed, the Gallea team and the artist will promote your establishment online to encourage art lovers to pay your business a visit.

You want to turn your walls into income?

Once a sale is completed, the buyer will be invited to show up at the desk of your establishment. You then verify the confirmation number of the purchase received by email and the buyer can leave with his new acquisition.

Want to host cultural events?

Gallea offers you the possibility to organize, in collaboration with local artists, openings of exhibitions during your less busy evenings. This will allow a new clientele to discover your establishment while allowing them to consume your products and services.

What’s the profit?

When a work physically displayed in one of our urban establishments is sold, the artist receives 70% of the final price, Gallea receives 20% and the establishment, 10%. All payment is processed efficiently using the Stripe online payment platform.

What about delivery?

The buyer can decide to leave with the canvas on the spot or to have it delivered. When the first option is selected, the buyer and the exhibitor receive an email confirmation of the sale with an unique code. The buyer then comes to the cash register and an employee of the establishment will confirm the code. The buyer can then leave with the artpiece in hands.