foire aux questions.

2. How is the delivery guaranteed?
Located in the same city (car delivery): We will contact you within 48 hours of your purchase to confirm the artwork availability and make an appointment for delivery to your address.

Other location (postal service or other delivery service): We will contact you within 48 hours of your purchase to confirm the artwork availability. We will then send you your tracking number for delivery.
1. How are artworks packaged?
Artworks are packed by the artists. We support them to ensure that it is packaged according to our standardized criteria and that they are well protected.
3. What is the usual delivery time for an order?
Delivery times vary depending on your geographic distance from the artist:
In the same city: 2 to 7 working days
In the same country: 7 to 15 working days
International: 7 to 20 working days
5. Is it possible to make a special request?
If you have a special request, please contact us at
4. Is it possible to make a return?
Upon receipt of your order, you have 5 working days to request a return. Be careful to keep the original packaging.
Only the following cases are eligible:
  • The artwork arrived damaged
  • The dimensions of the artwork do not correspond to the dimensions displayed on purchase
  • The maximum delivery time is exceeded by more than 15 working days
  • The artwork presented in the photo is not the same as that received
  • The artwork shown in the photo for online purchase differs significantly from the actual artwork
  • The artwork received appears to be an edition or reproduction of the original artwork purchased
  • The colors presented in the photo are different (besides the perceptible lighting effects) from those of the real artwork

Here is the return procedure:
  1. Email us at within 5 working days of receiving the artwork.
  2. Take supporting photos.
  3. Fill out our return form:
  4. Confirm the submission of your return request by email to
  5. Our customer support team will process your request within 5 business days of your return request.
  6. When your return request is approved, you will receive a return label at Gallea's expense.
  7. Upon receipt of your return label, you will have a period of 3 days to send the work back to us in its original packaging, failing which the return request will be expired and canceled.
  8. You will receive a refund within 15 working days of confirmation of receipt of the returned work.
6. Is there any chance we can meet an artist?
In the upcoming months, Gallea will organize events to allow artists, exhibitors and art lovers to meet and exchange. If you haven’t already done so, subscribe to our newsletter to know all about it!
1. How does the remuneration for a sale in an establishment work?
During a sale in an establishment (physical sale), 75% of the painting’s value will be given to the artist, 10% to the exhibitor and 15% to the Gallea team. Take note that this is only available to artist member of Gallea Premium.
2. How does the remuneration for an online sale work?
During an online sale, 70% of the painting’s value will be given to the artist and 30% to the Gallea team. If the artist is Gallea Premium member, he/she will receive 75% the value of the painting.
3. Are the works exhibited in an establishment insured?
There is currently no insurance for the works. Artists wishing to insure their works can do so by clicking here.
4. How are the displacements of a work guaranteed?
The artist needs to move with his work to display it in an establishment. At the time of a sale, the buyer must ensure the displacement of his new acquisition by his own means, or can use the delivery service provided by Gallea.
5. What benefit(s) do we have to use the services of Gallea?
Gallea allows you to increase the opportunities to show your work, selling to both a physical and web audience. The main objective is that your art reaches a varied and ever growing audience and by doing so, to expand your customer base. You also have the possibility to display your works in the places of your choice.
6. Is it possible to sell a canvas by ourselves if it’s online on our Gallea profile?
When a canvas is posted online on Gallea and isn’t exposed in an establishment, you can remove it from your profile at any time. You have the possibility to sell it to a customer of your entourage if you wish. This, however, affects your sales statistics.
7. Is it possible to sell a canvas by ourselves if it’s exposed in an establishment?
No. The signage contract for exposing in an establishment requires a commitment from you per block of 3 month.
8. What happens if a displayed painting doesn’t find a taker?
The selected works are exhibited for a maximum of 3 months. At the end of this period, the unsold painting will be withdrawn by the artist and another will take its place.
9. We are applying to some establishments, but do not get display spaces. Why?
When you apply at an exhibitor, take in consideration the different criterias like the number of painting desired, the style, the colors, the size and the price. The owners of the establishments will receive your requests and select the paintings that respect their criterias that will fit best their walls.
10. What style of artwork are you looking for?
We accept all visual art on the platform (painting, prints, drawing, photography, graphic design, etc.). However, if the picture of the painting is not representative, Gallea will ask you to update it for a better one.
11. Is it possible to have an online profile without exhibiting in an establishment?
Yes. Although we encourage all of our artists to exhibit physically in order to increase the visibility attributed to their art, an artist has the option of using the Gallea platform only as a transactional one, if he desires so.
12. What kind of additional services do you offer?
Gallea is committed to constantly innovate, to serve its artists and to offer a number of additional services in the long term. Stay tuned!
13. Are there standards for the works?
The standards to be respected are concerning the photos of the works. We ask that the photograph of a work is taken when it’s completely dry and that it’s representative of the painting in question. The work must be framed in the image and the resolution of it must be sufficient.
14. Is there a possibility of varnishing?
We are working with our exhibitors to offer you varnishing possibilities in the near future.
15. How do we get to join the Gallea community?
Nothing could be simpler! All you need to do is to go on our registration page: Registration and it will be a pleasure to welcome you!
16. Why should I add key words to my paintings and how?
Adding keywords facilitates research for art lovers. On your side, dear artists, you will benefit from greater visibility on the web.

1. In the "artworks" section of your account, click on the pencil to edit the worksheet.
2. In the field "keywords", enter a word or a group of words, then press "enter" before entering the next one. * Please check your spelling.
3. Once you're done, click "Update" to save everything.

The keywords must be linked directly to your work. Imagine yourself in the place of a potential buyer. What words would he/she use to find your creation? Feel free to use synonyms and to include words in both French and English.
Note: A keyword can contain multiple words. Examples: animal portrait or mixed technique
1. Who is in charge of choosing the paintings?
Exhibitors choose among the canvases displayed on the platform directly on their profile.
2. How do we proceed if we do not want to choose the works?
You can choose a plan that includes our curation service. You may also add the a la carte curation service to your account if it isn't included in your plan.
3. Are the works exhibited in our establishment insured?
No, there is currently no insurance for the works. Some artists are free to insure their artworks by themselves. All we are asking you is to respect our terms and conditions.
4. What benefit(s) do we have to expose works through Gallea?
In addition to enhancing the experience of its current clientele and creating additional traffic, the exhibitor obtains a commission of 10% on all the works sold. Discover all the benefits here.
5. How do we proceed if a work exhibited in our institution no longer pleases us?
The selected works are exposed for a maximum period of 3 months. Once this time is over, a new work will be displayed. If in the meantime you wish to remove a painting for a particular reason, do not hesitate to contact us.
6. How is the delivery guaranteed?
The artist needs to move with his work to display it in an establishment. At the time of a sale, the buyer must ensure the displacement of his new acquisition by his own means, or can use the delivery service provided by Gallea.