How it works

The walls of your business have not changed in years?
Want to encourage local artists? Want to attract a new clientele to your establishment?

Gallea is here to help your business become a showcase for local art.

Join us! It’s simple & fast.

Gallea offers a solution to quickly and easily find artworks by local artists to show case in your establishment. You create your profile online and receive applications requests that best match the atmosphere of your establishment and your preferences in terms of:
  • Styles
  • Dimensions
  • Themes
  • Color
When there is a match, the artist will show up with his or her artworks that you selected according to your schedule. You choose the artworks that best fit your space.
When an artwork is exposed, the Gallea Team and the artist will promote your place online to encourage art lovers to visit your places. Last year, our website recorded more than 127,000 page views from artists and art lovers. We invite the curious to go on the website and become a new clientele for you from the web who will then come to admire the works while consuming your goods and services.
Also, the Gallea Team is now working on an interactive map which will favors more visits to your establishment.
We are now working with more than 600 artists accross Quebec representing 3000 unique works and 50 establishments such as cafes, bars and restaurants across the island of Montreal.

What is connected art?

Find the artwork exhibiting in front of you
by entering the unique code or scanning the QR code to buy it now.

What are the costs associated with exhibiting?

Whether you are a French bistro café on the independent plateau, a large downtown restaurant with a busy schedule or a law firm, we have the solution for you! We have three plans to meet your needs, depending on the level of support needed.
  • Autonomous Assisted Prestige {{ }}
  • Autonomous
  • Assisted
  • Prestige {{ }}

    *2 months free!

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    4 exhibitions per year
    (1 every 3 months)

    Connected labels

    Commission on artworks sales

    10% 10% 15%

    Maximum paintings per exhibition

    10 20 30

    Full curation package (selection, conceptualization, hanging, set-up and taking down)

    - 2 4
    Marketing promotions

    Newsletter to our 700 artists

    1 2 4

    Posts on social media

    1 2 4

    Sponsored posts on social media

    - - 4
    The plan Autonomous allows you to have an online profile and to receive the candidatures of artists in a simple interface. You manage yourself the reception of the artworks with the artists for all your exhibitions.
    *This solution is best for cafés, bistros and autonomous places.
    The plan Assisted offers a complete accompaniment service up to assign a professional curator to your file to help you in the choice of works and to suggest to artists in particular to apply it. There is also the possibility of organizing vernissage events at the end of each exhibitions as needed.
    This solution is best for bars, restaurants & professional practices.
    The plan Prestige allows additional support from the Gallea team. We will be present at the four (4) exhibitions of the year to ensure reception and display. In addition, we make a call for applications through the artist network to increase the number of applications and find the perfect works for your business. There is also the possibility of organizing vernissage events at the end of each exhibitions if your company allows it.
    This solution is best for hôtels & the corporate environment with high volume.

    Want to host cultural events?

    Gallea offers you the possibility to organize, in collaboration with local artists, openings of exhibitions during your less busy evenings. This will allow a new clientele to discover your establishment while allowing them to consume your products and services. Watch the video below for a preview!

    What about delivery?

    The buyer can decide to leave with the canvas on the spot or to have it delivered. When the first option is selected, the buyer and the exhibitor receive an email confirmation of the sale with an unique code. The buyer then comes to the cash register and an employee of the establishment will confirm the code. The buyer can then leave with the artpiece in hands.