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Gallea makes your art accessible to the world. Are you a manager? You can easily organise your own exhibitions and call for artwork submissions from local artists. Our platform has an easy-to-use service for artwork submissions, which will take your specific preferences into account.


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Acces to the online tool

(call to submissions, selection)

4 exhibitions per year

(1 every 3 months)

Maximum paintings per exhibition
10 20 30

(support in artwork selection and design of space)

- 2 4
Artworks installation, taking down the artwork.
- 2 4

Our services à la carte


Do you need support in selecting the artwork? Take advantage of our curation services to help you jazz up your space!

Hanging service

Don’t trust yourself in hanging the artwork yourself? Take advantage of our curation team to install your exhibitions.

Art menu

Inform your clients of the art purchasing opportunities in your venue. You can place them in your waiting rooms or at the bar for clients waiting for a table at your restaurant.
*Service is currently only available in Montréal, QC, CA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exhibitors choose among the canvases displayed on the platform directly on their profile.
You can choose a plan that includes our curation service. You may also add the a la carte curation service to your account if it isn't included in your plan.
No, there is currently no insurance for the works. Some artists are free to insure their artworks by themselves. All we are asking you is to respect our terms and conditions.
In addition to enhancing the experience of its current clientele and creating additional traffic, the exhibitor obtains a commission of 10% on all the works sold. Discover all the benefits here.
The selected works are exposed for a maximum period of 3 months. Once this time is over, a new work will be displayed. If in the meantime you wish to remove a painting for a particular reason, do not hesitate to contact us.
The artist needs to move with his work to display it in an establishment. At the time of a sale, the buyer must ensure the displacement of his new acquisition by his own means, or can use the delivery service provided by Gallea.

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