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Transform your space into an art gallery

Decorate your walls with unique artworks from local, independent artists. Whether you wish to dazzle your clientele, or you favor the well-being of your members and employees, we have the perfect piece for bringing your walls to life. Rotate displayed artworks every four months or buy your coups-de-coeur at preferential prices. The best of both worlds.

See plans →

A personalised service

Our curator team is offering you a personalized artwork selection service tailored to match your needs:

Computer screen with Gallea exhibitor profile created

Creation of your own Exhibitor profile online

A person taking measurements in an undecorated office

Definition of an Artwork Placement Plan (number of artworks, sizes, hanging locations)

A list of artworks of various styles and sizes

Management of calls for submissions among independent artists around you

A list of artworks of various styles and sizes with some of them selected

Final selection of artworks

Office now decorated with two colourful artworks

Logistical management (displaying, installation)

Access the largest collection of independent art in Canada

The artistic community of Gallea includes upwards of 7500 independents, experienced or emergent. For the Concierge plan, access the Collection of our Curators which includes the best artworks of our favourite artists. Whatever your taste in art, something’s here for you.

Rewards for supporting independent art

Zoom on a Gallea interactive label hung next to an artwork

An interactive label as a sales tool

All artworks displayed with our paid plan come with an artistic label directing back to our online description. This type of functionality allows you to direct potential buyers and earn a 10% commission for each piece sold from your exhibition.

Buy art at the best price

If ever you were to fall in love with a particular piece and you would wish to keep it past the exhibition period, Gallea would offer you an exclusive 10% discount at checkout.

Coworking space decorated with two colourful portraits
Taxes documents on a desk

Benefit from tax deduction on bought artworks

Whenever you purchase an eligible artwork for exhibition in your commercial space, you can claim a declining tax deduction of 20 % of the cost of purchasing the artwork at the federal level (class 8) , and 33,3 % in Quebec (class 8.1). Click here to learn more →

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They have faith in us

Our services are fit for any and all businesses, whether they be restaurants, hotels or offices. Here are some examples of spaces who transformed into art galleries.

Interested in our services?

Contact Lisa

Portrait of Lisa, Exhibiting venues representative at Gallea