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Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC, Canada


 I am Canadian, living in St-Augustin de Desmaures on the shores of the majestic St-Laurent river. I have been painting abstract canvases for about fifteen years. I took several drawing and painting courses and participated in various symposia. I have exhibited in various galleries in Quebec City, in Montreal and in France. Silver medalist for the artwork «Forêt éphémère» in Fontdouce, France during the 50th CAPSQ International Exhibition. June 2020, a certificate of artistic excellence awarded by the Circle Foundation for the Arts. December 2020, honorable mention of the Circle Foundation for the Arts for «Brume de rose». In March 2021 the artwork «Les racines du temps» has beenpublished in the Spotlight Magazine 23 of the Circle Foundation for the... Read more

Artistic approach

 I have been painting for about fifteen years, always motivated to go further in my pictorial research. Nature in all its beauty, travels, atmospheres and encounters are a great source of inspiration. I try to grasp the essential to achieve an abstract work filled with sensitivity, poetry and emotion. Find myself in front of a blank canvas, playing with colors, feeling a certain impulse with a particular color and making the first impression in a free and spontaneous gesture guided by the emotion of the moment. Here the work of creation begins. I work more particularly on large formats, it gives me a certain freedom of movement ... Let myself go by superimposing many layers of impasto and colors with...
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