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Mont-Royal, QC, Canada


Norma’s career in art began as a jewelry designer given her family‘s long history as jewellers since 1907. Her transition to visual art happened in 1981 having discovered the art of decorative painting. 
Norma attended art classes with renowned decorative artists from the US and abroad, experimenting with a range of mediums, textures and surfaces. To further hone her skills, she enrolled at The Visual Arts Centre, specializing in drawing and colour theory. 
Acrylic and pastels were her choice of mediums since their environment friendly and nontoxic attributes appealed to her lifestyle. Norma’s rich palette and methods of paint application captivate and create a connection with the viewer. Her fascination with nature is apparent in her work giving us the impression that... Read more

Artistic approach

I have been painting for 30 years. I consider myself a contemporary impressionist. I seek to capture a moment in time through the essence of my surroundings. Every canvas is a journey, each painting is a reflection of my present time experiences and state of mind. Remnants of my past in jewellery design is sometimes visible in my paintings through ornate patterns and opulent gold leaf application. Art can be a powerful tool and a means of personal transformation. It is now practiced by many professionals who believe it’s a powerful source of healing. Research has proven artistic activity can enhance one’s mood, emotion and psyche.
Painting provides me with peace of mind, I look forward to creating art every day.