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Marielle Robichaud

Montréal, QC, Canada


Marielle Robichaud was born in Forestville Québec in 1963. She has been into arts since her childhood. 
As a scholarship winner from Art Instruction Schools, Minneapolis at 17, she moved to Montréal in 1981 where she graduated in fashion design at Lasalle College. 
After 6 years as a designer in the industry, she started her own business creating clothes and costumes for dance shows.

In parallel, she has returned to painting in the mid 90’s. She has been exploring all kinds of techniques with various teachers ever since. 
She uses a very colorful palette and creates artworks filled with joy and power, inspired by nature. Her work is regularly shown in exhibitions in the greater Montréal, and occasionally outside Québec.
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Artistic approach

"It all starts with a constantly renewed look at my surroundings. Nature and colors are my main sources of inspiration. My passion for horticulture has a great influence on my art.
I work mainly with acrylics because it dries quickly, but I also work with all kind of mixed mediums in layers to add texture and richness to my creations. I love to explore and experiment on different supports, but wood panels are my favorite.
I love to make abstract art as well. It lets me go completely free. I get very physical and dance to music as I paint.
Colors, patterns, textures and women a the heart of my art. Creating art is a need for me and makes me happy."