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Karen Goetzinger

Ottawa, ON, Canada


Karen Goetzinger is a visual artist who resides in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Through the use of mixed media such as acrylic, ink, graphite and oil pastel, she expressively marks the imprint of time and place on individual memory. There is a fierceness about her brushwork— an agitation and determination. Each large scale painting is intentionally without figurative elements allowing each viewer to become the human element, in solitary interaction with the abstract landscape and their own narratives.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design with an emphasis in Fine Arts from Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her work is exhibited by public and commercial galleries throughout North America, in cities such as Toronto, New York,... Read more

Artistic approach

Through my gestural paintings I aim to capture those overlooked modest moments of beauty, revealed unexpectedly perhaps in the imperfect and the fleeting, but that nevertheless illuminate our humanity and our longing to connect with each other. I record the feeling and emotion of that moment of discovering beauty in the inconsequential.  

Words rarely come easily for me, one thought splits into another and then another. Each blank canvas allows me to expressively explore the vocabulary of colour and marks as a way to record, without literal references, the thoughts, impressions, and memories of a singular day or place in time. I begin with spontaneous layers of mixed media such as graphite, acrylic, or ink, but after those first few... Read more