13 paintings now exhibiting

Brouillette Johanne

Saint-Jérôme, QC, Canada

International Ambassador


Johanne Brouillette is a Canadian abstract painter who has been living and working out of her studio located just North of Montréal for over 25 years. The artist studied and painted figurative landscapes in oil for 20 years but chose to never exhibit or sell her artwork. Feeling bored and considering giving up her painting altogether, she finally decided to attend an abstract workshop in 2016 and immediately found her new passion. She has since taken numerous workshops, specialized courses and residencies and continues to perfect her art to this day. Inspired by Québec Automatistes painters such as Riopelle, Borduas and Ferron, she has found freedom of expression in abstraction pursued through automatism: an instinctive, unpremeditated form of creating art,... Read more

Artistic approach

Having chosen to renounce from figurative painting a few years ago, I paint medium and large format abstracts in an expressionist and gestural style. The palette I use is varied and can be either muted and monochromatic or vibrant with hits of color. I always include areas of black for its confrontational as well as paradoxical effect that is both grounding and indicative of endless depth. My search for balance is fundamental in my work. The challenge for me is to reconcile my natural tendency towards perfectionism with my strong desire for freedom and disorder. Evidence of this can be seen in both my process and finished product. Although the initial foundation is applied rather spontaneously with limited censorship, the... Read more