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Paris, IDF, France


My father was an amateur painter, sculptor and writer. He was mostly inspired by the Impressionists. I really liked the smell of the oil painting in his studio. As a teenager, I was marked by the shimmering colors of the Impressionists, whose exhibitions I saw in Normandy, where I am from. I painted my first oil painting in my father’s garden.
Licensed in Clinical Psychology, I thought I was an art therapist, a job that was little established at the time. I became a graphic designer by learning on the job. A creative profession that I exercised 28 years including 16 years freelance. During this time my passion for painting developed and I painted sporadically.
It was the adoption of my son... Lire plus

Démarche artistique

Art is for me, a vector of transformation, transmutation and alchemy.

I like to summon vibrant and bright colors to create an abstract dance on large canvases.

I am very interested in the humanities, consciousness, meditation, energy and the discoveries of quantum physics. I constantly seek to surpass myself internally, to be as transparent, to capture the source energy of Creation, the force and the movement of Life.
Offer the viewer the experience of feeling the power and energy of Life, of opening up to the invisible, to energies, creating spaces for liberation, healing, imagination and expanded consciousness.

'My painting is the expression of this sacred and jubilant moment, where the invisible energies and vibrations pass through me, reveal themselves in traces and abstract... Lire plus