Mark Stanski

Toronto, ON, Canada


The person who gave the world to women's rule. The greatest Lego artist and writer in the English language. In my hands, Lego sculpting and storybuilding are a twin process. I'm a Jekyll and Hyde. I love every person I meet, almost, but I hate PEOPLE. I want a much different world than the one I live in, in my lifetime, and my art and words will lay its foundation.

Artistic approach

My Mr. Hyde tells my hands what to do and I sculpt something wonderful. Hyde makes nice things, too, sometimes. I first feel for a dark concept with a dangerous or disruptive/questioning essence. As and after I build/sculpt, ideas of character and story come to me, and I write long notes about the model I build. Each model belongs to a family or theme: shemale cyborg gladiators, carnivorous trees, walking castles, starfighters, alien fossils, urban dragons. And I build several models in each family or theme of builds. They furnish me with raw material for a trilogy. And then I write it. Many of my themes epitomize female power ascendant. What do I mean by that? Women in every position... Read more