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Our team of Art Advisors will assist you in the selection of your artwork. We take into consideration your requirements, and your budget, and will offer suggestions of artwork that we believe suit your taste.

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Our team of curators will suggest the best artworks from the gallery according to your criteria and preferences. As a bonus, send us a photo of your wall and we will find the works that fit with your space.

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Are you looking for a custom-made piece of work? You are interested in purchasing a reproduction of an original art piece? You would like to communicate directly with one of our artists? Our team is pleased to assist you for any special request.

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Minimum budget of $400 for personalized curation

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Meet our Advisors Team

Our team of art enthusiasts has the mission to help you find the work that suits you according to your artistic sensibility. Thanks to the largest network of independent artists in Canada, we have the perfect work for you.


Prior to Gallea, Meriam worked for 5 years in various art galleries in Montreal. Her role was to advise collectors around the world on the choice of works, and to accompany emerging artists. Meriam is dedicated by nature and feels a mission to showcase independent artists and artists from marginalized communities to enable them to make a living from their art.

Art consultant next to a piano


Our chief curator knows the art gallery by heart. Every day, Lisa enjoys exploring every nook and cranny of the gallery in search of new and emerging artists. Dedicated and meticulous, she takes pleasure in advising art lovers in selecting the perfect work for their wall. Discover talented emerging artists.

Art consultant sitting next to a work of art Silver Note, Lydia Pagonis


Last arrival of the team, Margot has a rich and exciting artistic background. Having studied art history in Montreal, Margot is an independent artist in her spare time. In addition to her artistic sensibility, Margot is an interior designer by training. Don’t worry, you are in good hands.

Art consultant sitting in a sofa Silver Note, Lydia Pagonis


Coming from a family of artists, Ingrid worked for 4 years for cultural organizations and art galleries in Europe. During this time, she coordinated numerous artistic events and accompanied international collectors. Ingrid is known for her benevolence and artistic sensitivity. She coordinates with Linzi the selection process of all works for our art events.

Art consultant sitting in front of a work of art Sans Titre, Miss_Green


My experience with My Wall by Gallea has been very satisfying and enjoyable. The curator who advised me did it with a lot of flair. Her goal was to give me full satisfaction and she succeeded. I strongly recommend contacting them if you are looking for beautiful paintings.

Joanne F.

Received my artwork today. It looks glorious, thanks so much for your help.

Marco A.

Gallea has a great selection. There is so much choice that it was difficult to pick what art piece to buy! Thank you to the Gallea art advisors who really helped me find what I wanted.

Chloé G.

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