Front-end developer

Without jumping into stereotypes, you like to code, but you're a bit hipster on the edges. For you, your mission is to harmonize the data and create an unforgettable experience among the users of the platform. You like innovative concepts even if they are a bit eccentric. You're probably already a fan of Jony Ive and for you, the elegant implementation of features is a lifestyle rather than a workload.

Back-end developer

For you, beauty is in the simplicity of a powerful computer architecture that’ll be able to grow in a company that evolves quickly. You build infrastructures and watch over them as the apple of your eyes because they are your creation, the result of your work as a craftsman of the code. If for you it’s important to return well formatted JSON and you are aware of the recent innovations in the field, welcome in the team!

Community Manager : Exhibitors

You are a real foodie and you know all the coffee shops / cool restaurants of the city? You frequent your local coffee shop so much that the owner calls you by your first name? You are comfortable with people and not afraid to introduce yourself to strangers? Do you want to allow owners of establishments throughout the city to turn their walls into income? We are actively looking for a Community Manager: Exhibitors to expand the establishments’s network and manage the relationships between Gallea and the various owners who are partners with us.